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      Important qualification
      Computer information system integration qualification
      State planning key software enterprises
      High-tech enterprises
      CMMIv1.2 five
      ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification
      The ISO20000 IT service management system certification
      Enterprise management information system 99 Third Edition (labor) front desk technical support providers


      Important honor
      Information Industry Technology Innovation Advanced Collective
      National high-tech industrialization demonstration project
      National science and technology innovation and advanced quality management unit
      Backbone enterprises of National Torch Program Software Industrial Base
      2013 top ten innovative software companies
      The country fourth installment innovative pilot enterprises
      2013 China Outstanding service provider of enterprise information
      2013 China Annual Innovation software companies
      2013 Software IT Golden Tripod
      China validated enterprise technical centers
      Science and Technology Bureau of Information Engineering Technology Research Center
      The 2013 older Shashi keep credit business contracts