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      Warmest congratulations on blog system 6.3 release

      2013-03-27 20:33:56  From:

      Warmest congratulations on blog system 6.3 release

       blog system of building software, search engine optimization (SEO) tool of choice. Support smart account registration, article management, publishing history, pseudo original, automatic release, custom web site, a variety of ways to release.

      There are some functions:




      Intelligent account registration: only need to enter the code can continue to register an account (similar products almost all to open the webpage)


      Account management: account grouping web site management and display, universal import and export, automatic IE login



      Simple article management: fool acquisition method, various forms of other mass (acquisition) software the data import



      Convenient and flexible pseudo-original: pseudo original function rules of preservation, convenient access, advanced keyword management page



      Automatic release: send the article completely unattended, need artificial auxiliary will give tips (automatic processing after the timeout)



      A variety of ways to release: the article sent to all account can also be sent to the random account etc....



      A custom web site: to support a variety of mainstream site program backstage release, convenient to your website and blog integration.



      History: History sent send grouped into account, the convenience of your group call, a set of software to manage multiple promotion plan.


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